I'm constructing (assembling) my own universe, and have to start with security issues which include the Internet. I've been studying the normal array of communications media options lately, and have taken my vision all the way out past the Internet, and some of that work I'll be referencing from here, seeing as truthful logic is finally possible online. Investigating my own causative truth, I have found that the role I wish to play in this local universe is technically the role of God.

That should be explained. God and Heaven work together and deal with each other at many levels of life. When communities of us come down to our present world, many of us make choices about which aspects of it all we want to embody and protect. Many persons choose very Heavenly lifestyles, many choose combinations of being Godly in Heavenly environment, and a few of us yield any Heavenliness in our lives but continue to be, though in lowly representation, the embodiments of God and Goddess.

I've been looking at the universe at a very large scale: stars and galaxies, groups and clusters of galaxies, and even higher. Slowly I've been learning to trust my way of thinking to the degree that I can play around with designs in our Solar System. I've thought of myself as a Christian, which in theurgical terms would offer the possibility of identification as a Christ. “Be Ye Gods” as a Christian truth, combined with my recognition of parallel realities, gave me the idea that infinite Christs could co-exist, each within their own universe.